About Us

Owned and Operated by Erica Sacks, Waypoint Navigation School is dedicated to helping others acquire notes and learn the art of off-road navigation and note taking.

Most commonly known as Sara Price's navigator in the RPM Trophy Truck Spec and Teryx Girls, Erica has 20 years navigating Off-road in various classes from UTV's, 1600's to Trophy Trucks with various drivers (Cody Parkhouse, Chuck Sacks, Dale Ebberts, Jessi Combs and Brian Busby)



  • 2015 navigator in Rallye Aicha des Gazelles (Morroco, Africa) in a UTV with Sara Price
  • 2015, 2016, 2017 Nasa Rally Series with various drivers in various classes
  • 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 King of the Hammers in a UTV with Sara Price
  • 2017 Best in the desert series in TT-Spec with Sara price
  • 2017 San Pedro Martir Hill Climb Rally with Sara Price/ Hoonigan
  • 2017 Score-International Baja 1000 in Trophy Truck with Jessi Combs
  • 2018 Score-International Championship in Trophy Truck Spec with Sara Price
  • 2019 MINT 400 with Sara Price



  • 1st place first participation Rallye Aicha des Gazelles (2015- Sara Price)
  • 1st place Gorman Rally p-stock (2015- Chrissie Beavis)
  • 1st place High Desert Trails Rally- Open Light (2016- Michael Seidman)
  • 1st Place overall and in Open Prescott Rally (2016- Andrew Sutherland)
  • 1st Place California Rally Series Championship (2017- James Hill)
  • 2nd Place 8100 Laughlin Desert Classic (2017- Sara Price)
  • 5th place Score- International Baja 500 TT-Spec (2018- Sara Price)
  • 2nd Place Score-International TJ Challenge TT-Spec (2018- Sara Price)
  • 2nd Place Score-International San Felipe 250 TT-Spec (2019- Sara Price)